— The Will and Testament of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá
— Some key passages written by Shoghi Effendi that relate to the continuing Guardianship of the Faith
— The Embryonic UHJ (The International Bahá’í Council)
— Shoghi Effendi’s interpretation of "The day that shall not be followed by night", identifying the importance of the continuing Guardianship
— Facsimile of page 2, June 1949 ("On Expulsion and Reinstatement of Covenant-Breakers")
— Facsimile of page 8, June 1950 ("Divine Guidance")
— Facsimile of page 1, February 1951 (No. 240) ("Epoch Making Decision...")
— Facsimile of page 1, February 1955 (No. 288) ("Passage on Will and Testament")
— Facsimile of N.S.A. Message of November 6, 1957
— Facsimile of Bahá’í News, January 1958