Are the pawns of the bogus UHJ blind and deaf?

Are the pawns of the bogus UHJ blind and deaf or do they pretend to be?

The International Baha’i Council was the embryonic Universal House of Justice. This is an undeniable fact that was not denied by the arch covenant-breaker in her book titled: The Ministry of the Custodians, and was clearly admitted by the bogus UHJ’s writer Adib Taherzadeh:

“Shoghi Effendi reared strong national Baha’i bodies. He brought into being the International Baha’i Council – the embryonic Universal House of Justice.”

The Child of the Covenant, p. 318

In Shoghi Effendi’s Proclamation of 9 January 1951 he says:

“Nascent Institution now created is invested with threefold function: first, to forge link with the authorities of the newly emerged State; second, to assist me to discharge responsibilities involved in erection of mighty superstructure of the Bab’s Holy Shrine; third, to conduct negotiations related to matters of personal status with civil authorities. TO THESE WILL BE ADDED FURTHER FUNCTIONS IN COURSE OF EVOLUTION OF THIS FIRST EMBRYONIC INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTION, MARKING ITS DEVELOPMENT INTO OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED BAHA’I COURT, …”

Shoghi Effendi, Messages to the Baha’i World – 1950-1957, p. 7

And Shoghi Effendi’s message of November 23, 1951, explains how and when these further functions will be added and how the authority will be exercised:

“For unlike the first and second Seven Year Plan, [2nd ‘46-53] inaugurated by the American Baha’i Community, the scope of the third Seven Year Plan [later superseded by the Ten Year Global Crusade, [1953-1963], the termination of which will mark the conclusion of the first Epoch in the evolution of the Master Plan designed by ‘Abdu’l-Baha, will embrace all the continents of the earth, and WILL BRING THE CENTRAL BODY [the IBC] DIRECTING THESE WIDELY RAMIFIED OPERATIONS INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH ALL THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES OF THE BAHA’I WORLD, which, in varying degrees, will have to contribute their share to the world establishment of the Cause of Baha’u’llah, as prophesied by ‘Abdu’l-Baha and envisioned by Daniel,—a consummation that, God willing, will be befittingly celebrated on the occasion of the Most Great Jubilee commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the formal assumption by Baha’u’llah of His Prophetic Office.”

The typical pawns of the bogus UHJ ignore the fact that the World Order of Baha’u’llah itself is still in its embryonic form, and all its administrative institutions were in their embryonic form during the ministry of the first Guardian. Local and National Houses of Justice, which in their embryonic form have been currently named Spiritual Assemblies, were exercising only a portion of their duties and still are, so they were then and are still active. But the Universal House of Justice that came into existence in 1951 in its embryonic form as the International Baha’i Council, did not become an active body and never was convened as a functioning body. It is a fact that the pawns of the bogus UHJ have made themselves deaf not to hear and blind not to read and understand, that although Mason Remey and some of the members of the IBC respectfully were honored to have lunch or dinner at the table with the first Guardian, when most of the time there were some pilgrims present too, that could in no way be considered as a meeting of the International Baha’i Council.

These pawns do not know or pretend to not know that the presidency of the Universal House of Justice exclusively is the function of the Guardian, and no one other than the Guardian can occupy this position.
Also, they show ignorance about the fact that although the members of the International House of Justice will be elected when the time is ripe, the head of this Body is pre-appointed, and this capacity comes as an integral part of the authorities and responsibilities of the Guardian delineated by ‘Abdu’l-Baha in His Testament. The Head of this body is the Guardian who is appointed by his predecessor Guardian. No one on earth has the authority to remove the “sacred head” of this Body and elect someone instead to replace him.

Mason Remey was appointed by the first Guardian as the president and Head of the real Universal House of Justice in embryonic form, and after the passing of Shoghi Effendi nobody had the authority to remove him from this Office to which he was appointed by the first Guardian. Moreover, nobody had the authority to dissolve the International Baha’i Council, all of whose members were appointed by the first Guardian, and this same body, as originally appointed, had to evolve “INTO OFFICIALLY RECOGNIZED BAHA’I COURT” as the “ESSENTIAL PRELUDE TO THE INSTITUTION OF THE UNIVERSAL HOUSE OF JUSTICE” as clearly stated in Shoghi Effendi’s Proclamation of 9 January 1951. But in the third stage of its evolution when the Court would be transformed ”INTO A DULY ELECTED BODY,” the Head and President had to continue in his Office while the members would be elected.

In 1957 when the first Guardian passed to the Abha Kingdom, despite the situation which was portrayed by Ruhiyyih Khanum and the former Hands who followed her in her false assertion that because after Shoghi Effendi there was no longer any authority, the Hands justified their usurpation of the authority of the Guardian. In doing this they ignored the fact that Shoghi Effendi had already established the highest administrative Body of the Faith, and why would the Baha’is “cling to the Hands”, as RK told the Baha’i world to do in a telegram, instead of clinging to the supreme international institution of the Faith established by the late Guardian himself. If it was necessary for a group of nine persons to administer the affairs of the Faith, why should it not be the Universal House of Justice in its embryonic form, similar to the status of the National and Local Bodies, especially when all the members of that International Body had been selected and appointed by the Guardian himself?

Who gave the authority of the former hands to say?

“We nominate and appoint from our own number to act on our behalf as the Custodians of the Baha’i World Faith to exercise — subject to such directions and decisions as may be given from time to time by us as the Chief Stewards of the Baha’i World Faith — all such functions, rights and powers in succession to the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith,”

The Ministry of the Custodians, p. 29

The International Baha’i Council was the legitimate, rightful and highest institution of the Baha’i Faith, while in contrast, the Hands of the Cause do not have administrative authority in the Faith. I think by now everybody knows the famous admission of RK in this regard: “How to assume the reins of authority, with no document to support us…”

It is of particular importance that they stripped themselves from their station as Hands of the Cause when they denied the fact that the first Guardian had appointed his successor by appointing him as the Head of the embryonic Universal House of Justice, an Office which can only be occupied by the Guardian.

The reason that from the moment of the passing of the first Guardian RK tried to direct the Baha’is to the Hands instead of to the embryonic Universal House of Justice was that the embryonic Universal House of Justice had a president who was appointed by the first Guardian, and if that Body became active the Baha’is would discover the station of the President as the second Guardian of the Baha’i Faith. This is quite clear from her statement:

“We had decided, from the time of our first Conclave, that in order to protect the Cause of God, we would have no officers, such as President, Chairman, Secretary, etc. lest one of the male Hands, holding such a position, should begin to assume in the eyes of the Baha’is the function of the leader, and, God forbid, begin to be seen as a sort of second Guardian in importance.”

The Ministry of the Custodians, p. 11

Interesting, protecting the Cause of God from the Guardian of the Cause of God, this was her intention.


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