— An Orthodox Baha’i’s Views on Statements Made by Shoghi Effendi in his “Dispensation"
— God’s Hands are not Tied
—The Hands of the Cause of God: What are Their Functions?
— Response to "Mason Remey and Those Who Followed Him"
— Unity Within the Faith Requires Unity on the Word
— Three Letters of the Sans-Guardian UHJ Appraised
— Logic and Proofs of the Orthodox Bahá’í Faith
— A Series of 57 Statements on the Continuing Guardianship
— Warning: This Religious Faith Now Contains Heresy
— Some Un-Answered Questions
— Neither the Hands nor the UHJ Have the Authority to Overrule the Guardian
— Shoghi Effendi Never Gave Anyone Else the Right to Expel Believers
— How the Believers Were Turned Against the Continuing Guardianship of the Faith
— How the Haifa-Wilmette Believers Respond to Pertinent Questions
— If Only They had Taken the Time
— The Difference Between the Orthodox Bahá’í Faith and the Bahá’í World Faith